Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

AGTC aims to create wealth for all those who work with us and our clients, through a work force that is truly talented and drives us towards constant improvement in our business practices. Our commitment to excel also aspires towards the highest ethical standards and professionalism, which we believe one day,AGTC will stand as an example in the region.

Healthy & Safety Environment

The safety and health of our employees and the wellbeing of our environment is crucial within our defined framework. AGTC is committed to the enforcement of a strict Health and Safety Program that is geared toward helping protect its Employees, Subcontractors, Customers and the General Public from accidental and/or incidental losses. We believe that all accidents are preventable through good health and safety practices in combination with active senior management and employee involvement. To make certain that our safety procedures are followed and regularly reviewed, an AGTC HSE manual and an employee safety handbook, in accordance with OSHA standard.

Our Quality Standard

AGTCÕs commitment to customer satisfaction not only means working to established methods and procedures, but also involves close monitoring to ensure that these methods and procedures are consistently producing quality products and quality work. To carry out this monitoring we have invested considerable, time, training and resources into developing our Quality Control. AGTC's interests are diverse and our quality standards are rightly keeping pace across spheres. The demand of the energy sector and construction sector are rigorous and we dutifully adhere with a comprehensive documented quality system. To ensure that quality is an ongoing process, we have implemented periodical review of quality system, customer satisfaction surveys, management review meetings, internal audits and regular training programs. AGTC is now an ISO9001:2008 certified company.